American Side By Side Fridge Freezer M510BX

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Product description

This Side by Side American Fridge Freezer is perfect for those who like to keep a well stocked fridge and freezer.

Being side by side access to both is easy you just pull open the door add your items are there right in front of you.

Fridge Compartment (Right Side)

4 Adjustable Glass Shelves and 2 Salad Drawers – ensure there is a sufficient amount of storage space for your weekly shop

5 Door  Balconies – which provides storage, and easy access to your tall and small bottles as well as jars. 

Freezer Compartment (Left Side)

4* Freezer Rating – means you store food safely for up to year

3 Adjustable Glass Shelves and 3 Freezer Drawers provides ample storage space for your frozen goods.

5 Door Balconies – useful for storing items that you use n daily basis, as they will be at hand when you open the door.


Automatic  Defrost  –  ice will be kept at bay so you o not have to defrost the machine as the machine defrosts itself.

Adjustable Temperature – you can alter this to monitor the temperature inside the fridge and freezer to ensure they are running at suitable temperatures for your food items.

Super Cool/Super Freeze Function is great for quickly chilling/freezing new foods you add to the appliance.

Audible Alarm - sounds when the doors have been left open too long.


Interior Light – easy to see and find items that could be hiding at the back of the appliance.

Child Lock – to ensure settings can not be altered

Key Information

  • Colour – Inox

  • Capacity –  510 Litres = Fridge-335/173-Freezer

  • No Frost = Automatic  Defrost

  • Energy Rating – A+

  • Annual Energy Consumption – 405 kWh

  • Noise Level – 43dB

  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm – 1788 x 895 x 745

  • Warranty – 2 Year

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