Belling Electric Range Cooker KENSINGTON E100

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Product description

This Belling Kensington 100E is a stylish contemporary appliance that would look great in your kitchen.


5 Ceramic Zones with 1 Warming Zone

The 5 ceramic zones are of varying sizes and power to accommodate a variety of pots and pans and dishes you wish to create.

  • Warming Zone – 0.1kW

  • 2 x Small Zones – 1.2kW

  • 2 x Medium Zones – 1.7kW

  • 1 x Large Dual Zone – 2.2kW

Hot Hob Indicator are present to alert you to the hobs temperature.

The Hobs can easily be wiped clean after use due to the easy clean Glass Surface.

Cavity 1 – Conventional Oven and Grill

The grill door must be open when the grill is used for conventional grilling. The speed of grilling can be controlled by selecting a higher or lower shelf position, or adjusting the grill setting

There is a grill pan with handle and trivet included. The grill trivet, inside the grill pan, can be inverted to give a high or low position, or it may be removed.

The Conventional Oven has a useable capacity of 33 Litres with 1 shelf and 3 shelf positions to accommodate a range of baking trays/ tins/ pans and food items

Cavity 2 – Conventional Oven

This Oven has the ability to accommodate 54 Litres and features an interior light.

It is a conventional oven with 5 Self positions and 2 shelves. It  has the space needed to cook a hearty roast dinner for the whole family.

A Conventional Oven is one with a top and bottom heating element so the heat is distributed from above and below your food.

This oven has the option to Slow Cook you food. Perfect for those winter evenings when a good hearty stew is just what you need to warm you from the a cold,  long day at work. You can cook food just like you would if you had a separate slow cooker

Cavity 3 – Fan Oven

A 54 Litre capacity oven with 3 separate functions.

You can slow cook , defrost and use fan cooking to prepare your food.

This oven has 2 shelves and 5 shelf positions, and an interior light.

The Fan oven ensures you have a effortlessly balanced bakes as the heat from the element is evenly distributed by the fan for quick even cooking.

Defrost Function allows you to thaw out your food more hygienically in half the time as it circulates room temperature air around the food. It is ideal for defrosting cakes or gateau’s .

Cavity 4 – Storage Compartment

Ideal for storing items that you will need for baking/cooking with in the oven

Easy Clean Enamel Liners

You can soapy water on a damp cloth to clean the oven and then dry with a soft cloth.

Controls & Display

You have Dials for the oven, grill and hobs which you turn to your required settings.

Complete with an LED Touch Control Clock and Programmer ensure you can monitor your bakes and programme this cooker to suit your cooking needs.

  • Digital Clock  - so you always know what time of day it when looking at your oven.

  • Minute Minder – this can be set to 99 minutes and will down the remaining cooking time you have left. This enables you to do those other jobs you wanted without having to specifically keep an eye on your alarm will sound when the desired time you set has been reached.

  • Programme cooking time - set the oven to cook at a time convenient to you so food can be ready when you walk in from work. The maximum cooking time that can be set it is up  to 23 hour and 59 minutes.

  • Key Lock – this can be activated so if you accidently push buttons then your cooking time, preferences etc can not be altered. 

Energy Rating

All ovens are rated A meaning it will help keep running costs down and limits it impact on the environment.

Key Information

Colour – Black

Capacity - 33/54/54

Open Door Grilling

Convention/Fan Oven

Slow Cook and Defrost Function

Warranty - 1 Year

Dimensions  Height x Width x Depth (mm) = 900 x 1000 x 600

Installation Information: Adjustable Feet for Levelling - Yes;  Minimum Fuse Protection - 32 A;  Electrical Connection: Yes

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