Blomberg Built In Electric Double Oven ODN9302X

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Product description

This Blomberg Built - In Double Oven has a total capacity of 107 Litres - the Top Oven holding a maximum of 38 Litres with 2 shelf positions, whereas the Bottom Oven holds 69 LItres and has 5 shelf positions.

With this double oven you have the option of Fan & Conventional Cooking as well as Grilling. Fan Heating works by the heat being distributed rapidly through the oven by a fan. Meaning heat is dispersed evenly and food will cook quicker than traditional cooking. Top/Bottom Heating - Conventional Cooking is where the top and bottom element emit heat evenly which is great for traditional baking (especially if you like cakes with a moist top) and roasting on one level. You can also cook with only Bottom Heating which is suitable for pizza and browning of foods from the bottom. The Grill can be used as a small-area or full-width grill. It is to be used on full power with the door closed.

With a Defrost Function you can thaw out food hygienically and quickly.

Both ovens feature an interior light, allowing you to see exactly how your cooking/baking is getting on.

4 Retractable Dials allow you to select the function you wish to cook with and the temperature. The Touch Control Buttons and LED Display uses symbols to show you what settings you have selected. The Timer can set up to a maximum time of 23 hours and 59 minutes, meaning you can select a time to cook that is suitable for you. The *Key Lock ** prevents the oven from being switched on or settings being changed accidently. You can even set Economy Mode which sets the cooking time in the oven to help save energy while cooking. It switches off the heaters before the end of the cooking time so you complete your cooking with the heat in the oven.

This oven comes complete with a standard tray, wire grill and small wire shelf.

With Catalytic Side Walls the oven literally cleans itself. The porous surface of the side wall absorbs all the steam and spilled. An easy Steam Clean Function Is available where you fill the tray with 500ml of water and turn the oven on for 25 minutes at 100°, this will remove and stubborn dirt on the non catalytic parts of the oven - enabling you to just wipe away with a damp cloth.

Finished in a Stainless Steel this oven will suit any home.

The cooker has an A Energy Rating, Conventional cooking uses 0.95kWh whilst Fan cooking uses 0.81kWh per cycle. Running costs are kept low and the impact of the environment will also lower compared to an appliance with lower energy rating.

This product comes with a 3 year warranty, which can be extended by 2 years if you register online.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 890x 594 x 567

Interior Light = 25 Watt

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