Blomberg Built-In Oven ODN9462X

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Product description

This Blomberg Built - In Double Electric Cooker with its 35 / 65 Litre capacity is specifically designed to enable you to cook in a variety of ways - the traditional way via a conventional oven or with the grill in the top cavity or in a modern way through the use of the fan oven in the bottom cavity. The FanPlus cooking provides consistent heat throughout the oven due to the heating element being surrounded by the fan- resulting in perfectly even cooked foods every time. The grill can used as a conventional grill which is an alternative healthier way to frying or you can get the added benefit of browning food evenly by using the fan grilling function. Which means you don't even have to flip the food whilst it is cooking. The oven has a telescopic shelf the glides easily in and out of the oven so you can check your foods progress or finish off meals by adding toppings etc without completely removing it from the oven shelf or away from the heat. The LED display and programmable timer means you can easily keep an eye on what is happening with both ovens.
The ovens have catalytic liners which makes for easier cleaning. The ovens also have triple glazed doors which helps with insulation but also allows the outer glass to be cool to touch. This product comes with a 5 year warranty - 3 year standard with an additional 2 year (as a special offer).

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 890 x 594 x 567

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