Bosch 12 Place Diswasher SMS24AW01G

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Product description

Offering 12 Place Settings this Bosch SMS24AW01G  Dishwasher will have your dishes clean and pristine in no time. 


Featuring 6 programmes and a prewash you  should be able to find a programme to suit your needs

Intensive 70 °, Normal 65 °, Eco 50 °, Glass 40 ° , Quick 45 °


Equipped with a variety of innovative features such as

Active Water Technology  - where the machine uses less water, energy and increases performance.

Eco Silence Drive  - delivers high performance cleaning with low noise emissions.

Dosage Assistant – provides optimal cleaning results and a quieter wash. It will dispense the detergent evenly around the machine.

Load Sensor  - this detects the load weight so only the required amount of water is used. If you have a smaller load less water will be used compared to when you have a large load.

Additional Options

These can make your washes more efficient and effective depending on what you have in the machine.

Half Load for when you only have few things to wash. This will save water, energy and time, and detergent as you don’t need to put as much in the machine.

Express Wash (Vario Speed) will reduce the running time by 20 to 50 % depending on the selected rinse programme. Water and energy consumption will  increase to obtain optimum cleaning and drying results at a reduce time. shortens the time of the wash cycle, decreases water consumption by washing at a higher pressure.

Intensive Zone -  increases the spray pressure in the lower basket and the rinsing temperature is also increased. This is ideal for mixed load of soiled items.

Hygiene  increase the temperatures during the cleaning process for a more sterile clean. Perfect for chopping boards and baby bottles.

Extra Drying increases the temperature during the final rinse to ensure objects are dried extremely well

Time Delay  - This would work well for those that like to plan ahead and is beneficial if you have an economical electricity tariff as you can delay starting the appliance from 3 to 6 to 9 hours.




This dishwasher has an Adjustable Basket which can alter ins height to suit the pots and pans you are filling it with.

The Vario Basket provides ample room for your cutlery but can also be removed to make more space for your crockery.


Salt and Rinse Aid Indicator Lights - These let you know when you need to more salt or rinse aid to the dishwasher.

Control Panel  - Featuring touch control buttons and a LCD display you can easily set the machine as well as keep an eye on the machines progress.





Key Information

Colour  White

Number of Place Settings 12

Number of Programmes 6

Noise Levels 50db

Energy Rating  F

Annual Energy Consumption 290 kWh

Annual Water Consumption 330 Litres

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm 845 x 600 x 600

Warranty 2 Years

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