Bosch 7kg/4kg Washer Dryer WVG30462GB

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Product description

The Bosch WVG30462GB Washer Dryer - convenient, flexible, efficient and quiet!


This machine can wash up to 7Kg of laundry at once whilst drying 4kg of laundry on each cycle. 

Programmes and Functions

Ranging from Cottons, EasyCare, Mixed Load, Super Quick15, to Pre- Wash, Speed Perfect+and Aqua Plus you seem spoilt for choice.

In total there are 15 different programmes and 7 functions, ensuringthis washer dryer will have a programme and setting you require for your laundry.


Just spilt something down your clothes, well, have no fear the SuperQuick 15 programme will wash 1Kg clothes in just 15 Minutes.

Come in from a wet, soggy day and need to clean your clothes, no worries, the Wash and Drying continuous programme means 1Kg of laundry will be thoroughly washed and dried 60 Minutes. Ready to be worn or ironed. It is also ideal for those times when you find your outfit needs a freshening up.

Complete with a Reload Function this washer dryer enables you to add or remove items to the wash once the programme has begun; ideal if you accidently drop a item in the wash that should not be there or if you forget something.

The Finished In Function allows you to set the time you want your laundry completed by so you can continue about your normal daily routines.

The Porthole is 32cm in diameter whilst the Door can open 180° for easy loading and emptying of the appliance.

Innovative Technology

Eco-Silence DriveT reduces the noise the machine makes. The dryer's AntiVirbration Sidewall system reduces vibrations whereas the increased insulation lowers noise levels even when the machine is at its noisiest - spinning.

SpeedPerfect has been designed for those times when each moment counts. It can be used with most programmes and provide thoroughly clean laundry. It can reduce washing time by 65% for example washing a 4Kg mixed load of laundry within 41 minutes.

Soft Surge System provides evenly distributed water quickly creating a gentle wash thanks to the droplet-shaped drum and paddles.

Hygienically Clean

Select the Allergy+ or HygieneCare for those times when you need the laundry Sanitized and Clean. Allergy+ is designed for those who have sensitive ski, whereas HygieneCare provides hygienically clean laundry as well as ensuring protection for the fabric you are cleaning.

Aqua Plus is a longer Rinse cycle that is ideal for those who have sensitive skin as the detergents are thoroughly washed out of the clothes.

Controls and Display

The dial ensures you can easily select the programme you would like, whereas the touch control buttons enable you to fine tune the programme by altering settings like the AquaPlus, Spin Speed, Temperature. The digital display clearly displays your chosen settings and displays the time remaining of the selected programme.

Health Maintenance

The DrumClean program is designed to clean the inside of the machine by removing any existing dirt and bacteria from the washing machine drum, in turn guaranteeing your clothes are properly washed every time and ensuring a longer life to the appliance.

Environmentally Friendly Functions

The Eco Perfect is energy-optimized washing. It reduces the temperature of the wash whilst achieving a reliable washing result.

Active Water Plus will automatically adjust the water needed for the wash

Sensor Dry will automatically turn of the machine when your laundry is ready. 


The child lock feature safeguards the programme selected and machine as tampering fingers will not be able to alter the programme or open the door during a cycle.

Key Information


7Kg Wash     4Kg Dry

Spin Speed

1500 rpm

Number of Programmes


Cold Fill Only

Noise Levels

Wash 47dB    Spin 74dB    Dry 59db

Energy Rating & Washing Performance


Annual Energy Consumption (Washing & Drying)


Annual Energy Consumption (Washing)


Annual Water Consumption (Washing & Drying)

20,600 Litres

Annual Water Consumption (Washing)

11,600 Litres

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth

850 x 600 x 590


2 Years


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