Bosch 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - White WAN28281GB

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Product description

This Bosch 8Kg WAN28281GB Washing Machine will wash clothes, save energy and reduce running noise.


It comes with 15 programmes to suit your entire wardrobe and all your washing needs.  You can select between various programmes such as Cottons, Easy-Care, Delicates, Wool, Dark Wash, Mixed Load, Super Quick 15'/30' Sportswear AllergyPlus, Shirts Eco 40-60.

A Night Wash option lowers the noise level of the cycle for extremely quiet washing without disturbing you.

The Speed Perfect Function is designed for when time matters. It can reduce washing time by up to 65% without compromising on results. You can combine this function with most programmes. For example if you choose to use it with the Mix Load Cycle you can wash up to 4Kg of laundry within 41 minutes. 


Eco Silence Drive  - due to its brushless motor which reduces friction and noise means you have an energy efficient machine with quiet performance.

Anti-Vibration Design –The side wall are designed to not only look eye-catching but also to improves the machines stability therefore reducing vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels meaning the machine is very quiet even on a spin level. 

Active Water Management  - saves on water and will save you money due to its automatic load adjustment system. It can detect the load condition and provide the required amount of electricity and water for the load being washed.

The Reload Function gives you the ability to add or remove items from the wash even when the machine has started its cycle.

With a Delay Start Programme from 30 minutes to 24 hours you can wash when it is suitable to you.

Control Panel


It is easy to use due to its electronic soft dial and LED touch display.


Being a 30cm porthole makes for easy loading and unloading.


With the Child Proof Lock feature you will be able to wash and know your littles ones will be safe around the machine and not disturb the wash cycle.

Key Information

Capacity 8 Kg
Spin Speed    1400 rpm  Cold Fill Only 
Noise Levels  Wash 99dB Spin 99dB
Number of Programmes  15
Energy Rating  C
Energy Consumption per Cycle (60 Wash)  1440 kWh
Water Consumption per Cycle (60 Wash) 85 Litres
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm 848 x 598 x 550
Warranty 2 Years


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