Bosch Sensix Iron Rosso TDA5070GB

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Product description

This Bosch TDA5070GB Steam Iron comes in a distinguished looking red and black design. It is designed for efficiency and comfort when ironing due to the soft touch grip, thumb rest and large buttons.

The Ceranium Glissée soleplate has specifically designed steam channels and  a 3 Phase Layout  to provide ideal steam dispersal and smooth gliding of the iron.

The precision ironing tip is great for easy ironing along buttons and seams.

You have a range of temperature settings perfect for a complete load of washing. Running at 3050W guarantees a fast heat up no matter what setting you choose.

Variable Steam Control means creases will disappear with ease. The Steam Shot uses 150g of steam perfect for stubborn creases. The Constant Steam - 50g of steam every minute and clothes look great no matter the occasion. When using the steam function the iron can be used vertically which is great getting the creases out dresses or freshening up the curtains

Holding 300ml of water in the water tank means you can get more done before having to refill the iron. Complete with a larger water inlet filling the iron is also fast and easy.

Complete with DripStop this controls the temperature of the water flow and prevents water droplets, even at low temperatures.

3AntiCalc is a triple cleaning function featuring Self Clean, Calc n Clean and integrated AntiCalc System meaning you will not have to worry about limescale build up in the iron.

A 3 metre power cord gives you added flexibility when ironing your clothes.

Complete with an LED control light you will know when the iron is heating up as it remains on and goes off when the desired temperature is reached.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 151  x 122 x 303

Weight = 1.723Kg


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