Bosch Steam Iron TDI9015GB

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Product description

This Bosch Steam Iron is styled in a cool and contemporary way so you will be happy to complete the ironing. The ergonomic design has thumb rest and large buttons for comfortable ironing.

The Ceranium-Glissee soleplate with enamel gliding lines, steam channels and 3 Phase Layout gives you an ideal dispersal of steam with a superbly smooth gliding action, ensuring every inch of the fabric is efficiently pressed and crinkle free.

Running at 3050W guarantees a fast heat up no matter what setting you choose.

You have a range of temperature settings perfect for a complete load of washing as well as the i-Temp. i-Temp lets you iron a wide range of fabrics on one setting by achieving a perfect blend of steam and temperature. Complete with AntiShine you will not get those annoying shiny patches on dark clothes.

Variable Steam Control means creases will disappear with ease. The Steam Shot uses 150g of steam perfect for stubborn creases. The Continuous Steam uses 60g of steam every minute and clothes will look great no matter the occasion. The Motor Steam feature help penetrate deep in to fabrics so you spend less time ironing for the same great results. You can even iron vertically which is great for freshening up your curtains, upholstery and hanging clothes. The DripStop feature which even works at low temperatures, is built –in to the iron and controls the temperature of the water flow and prevents water droplets and water marks on fabrics.

Holding 400ml of water in the water tank means you can get more done before having to refill the iron.

4AntiCalc is a cleaning system that incorporates a self –clean filter, anti-calc cartridge, a cleaning liquid(sold separately) and the dedicated Calc n Clean function that will ensure your iron is working effectively without the build up of limescale.  In hard water areas the Calc n Clean function should be used every 2 weeks.

A 3 metre power cord gives you added flexibility when ironing your clothes.

Featuring an Eco Button you can save energy on the steam settings up to 25% on energy and 35% on water which is great on your bills and even better for the environment.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 151 x 122 x 303

Weight = 1.7Kg

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