Brackenheath Slim 10W LED Flood Light N6311

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Product description

This slimline 10W LED Floodlight is ideal for residential Homes, driveways, patios, car parks and garages.

It is a suitable replacement for a 1000W halogen floodlight.

PIR stands for passive infra-red. It is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view.

It has a detection range of up to 10 metres and adjustable settings for the lux, time and sensitivity. You also have the option of manual override.

Being IP65 this light is also water resistant.

It is made from Die-cast Aluminium and toughened glass. Installation is made easier with the included angled bracket and 0.5m of power flex.

Key Information

  • 10w Slim Line Led Flood Light

  • PIR with 10 Metre Detection Range

  • Manual Override, Adjustable Settings,

  • IP65

  • 0.5m Power Flex 

  • Dimensions (Height x Width X Depth) mm = 92 x 55 x 88

  • Warranty = 3 Years