Dyson Big Ball Animal2+ Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner BIGBALLANIMAL2+

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This Dyson Big Ball Animal 2+ Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner engineered with Ball Technology ensures this appliance is easy to manoeuvre by turning on the spot to avoid obstacles that could be in the way, or working around corners. Due to the key components of the vacuum being inside the ball (like the motor) the centre of gravity is lower meaning the stability and movement of the appliance is also improved. It can even pick itself up if it gets knocked over. The Radial Root Cyclone Technology maximises suction power so more microscopic particles are captured by the inner cyclones. The improved airflow efficiency within the machine means turbulence is reduced therefore stabilises the air pressure resulting in more dust, pet hair and allergens being removed from the home. This system traps 99.7% of particles a small as 0.3 microns.

With the Self Adjusting Pneumatic Cleaner Head there will be no need to change the head when going over different floors. It does it for you by self adjusting to seal in the suction! Complete with a variety of quick release attachments and tools you are able to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. This vacuum is engineered for homes with pets as the ** Tangle-Free Carbon Fibre Turbine Tool** enables you to remove stubborn pet hairs from bedding and upholstery. Whilst the Combination Tool features a brush tool for disturbing dust and a debris nozzle for picking up the dust and dirt. The Stair Tool is a narrow brush with velour strips at either side of the brush head to help lift hair whilst agitating the edges to lift carpet pile. Its ideal use is for carpeted stairs. The Reach-Under Tool is perfect for removing dust from hard to reach places. This attachment is flexible, can bend, twist and extend to get into small hard to reach spaces. The Articulating Wand Handle means you have a 360° circulation making those hard to reach places not so tricky.

With a power cable measuring 6.5m and a stretch hose that can reach over 3m you will have all the flexibility you will need to clean your home with a maximum reach of 10.5m. With the cable rewind feature even packing away the vacuum is made easy.

This vacuum cleaner has been acoustically re-engineered to reduce the noise by 25% and improve sound quality whilst vacuuming without compromising on cleaning performance.

The Hygienic Bin-Emptying means you can just push a button to release the dirt. You do not have to come into contact with the dust and dirt as it goes straight into the bin. The bin will hold 1.8 Litres of dust and dirt.

Cleaning the machine is made simple with its Washable HEPA Filters that can be used indefinitely. For a thorough clean you can even wipe the dust bin compartment with a damp cloth.

This product comes with a 5 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 308 x 347 x 397

Weight = 7.5Kg

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