Dyson Cordless Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner V11ANIMAL+

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Product description

This Dyson V11 Animal+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner means you are free to vacuum anywhere without having to worry about getting in a tangle. Depending on what needs cleaning the V11 Animal+ can be used as a Stick Vacuum or can quickly change to a Hand Held at the click of a button. The light weight ergonomic design means you can clean high up places, or low and under items with one smooth motion.

The 7-Cell Lithium-ion Battery will last for a full 60 minutes of fade free suction and will help deliver 20% more suction power than the Dyson cyclone V10. When finished cleaning or you are out of battery you can simply drop it in its wall mounted dock to recharge, perfect for when you need to grab it and go.

Featuring a High Torque Cleaner (Dyson’s most powerful cord free cleaner head ever) supplies you with twice the suction of any cord-free vacuum at the cleaner head. Its stiff nylon bristles drive deep into your carpet to remove ground in dirt, whilst the soft, anti-static carbon fibre filaments remove dust particles from hard floors and crevices.

Complete with a variety of handy tools you are set up to vacuum any surface in the home or the car. The Direct Drive Cleaner Head features stiff nylon bristles which penetrate deep into the carpet and remove dirt, whilst the carbon filaments captures fine dust on hard floors. The Quick Release Mini Soft Dusting Brush and Crevice Tool are perfect for removing dirt from your small spaces or edges about the home and in the car.  Whereas the Mini Motorised Tool with it’s stiff bristles is ideal for removing hair and dried on dirt  from your floors or furnishings.

With 3 Cleaning Modes to chose from you will be able to find the right balance of power and run time for the cleaning task at hand. Auto Mode senses and adapts theses for you as it runs over each surface so you get optimum cleaning on all surfaces.  Boost mode is designed for intensive cleaning on ground in dirt, Whereas Eco-Mode gives you up to 60 minutes of run time for longer cleans on all floor types.

The motor (spinning up to 125,000rpm), bin and 14 cyclones are aligned so air is drawn in to the cyclones in a straight line creating Dyson’s unique powerful suction. The 14 cyclones generate forces of more than 79,000g/120mph to cast microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns (pollen, bacteria) straight into its bin.

The Fully Sealed Filtration system traps 99.7% of particles ensuring it expels cleaner air. This V11 captures microscopic dirt as small as 0.3 microns – which is almost 100 times smaller than the width of human hair. The Whole Machine Filtration System traps the allergens and expels cleaner air whilst being optimised to provide minimum pressure consumption so you will have more suction when vacuuming.

The bin has a 0.76 Litre capacity and the Point and Shoot mechanism means you do not need to touch the dirt – you just aim it at your bin and eject the dirt.

Cleaning the machine is made simple with its Washable HEPA Filters and Washable Brush Bars.  For a thorough clean you can even wipe the dust bin compartment with a damp cloth.

With a built in LCD Screen you can monitor performance, see which power mode is selected, the remaining run time, filter maintenance and if there any blockages and how to clean them.  It monitors the system performance 8.000 times a second and reports it in real time on the LCD screen.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 1286 x 250 x 261

Weight = 2.97Kg


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