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This Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool Purifier is a fantastic appliance that you can use all year round. It will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter as well as providing you with perfectly clean air. This Purifier is certified as Allergy and Asthma Friendlyby Allergy Standards Limited so you can be sure that you will always have clean air.

It automatically senses pollutants which it will diagnose and report before cleaning the air. It will capture 99.95% of ultrafine particles from pollen, dust, allergens, cigarette smoke to gas stove emissions. It will contain them inside the fully-sealed filter system. This consists of an Activated Carbon Filter which removes gases and a Glass HEPA Filter that removes microscopic particles. Once the impurities have been collected by the HP04 the Air Multiplier Technology projects over 290 litres of air per second to circulate the purified hot or cool air around your room.

Thermostat Control means once the room has reached your desired temperature - heating will automatically stop to save energy. Yet if it drops below this the purifier will reactivate.

The HP04 can be set to oscillate and rotate from side to side through a 45°- 350° range and with the far reaching projection your room will soon be the temperature you desire. You can try the Diffused Mode which blows air at the back of the machine so you can purify the room without cold air blowing directly at you. If you try the Auto Mode it will automatically detect pollutants, remove them and maintain the room temperature.

The built in LCD screen provides you with live information about the room temperature and air quality - Indoor Air Quality, Particulate Matter - PM10 (particles smaller than 10 microns such as pollen, dust, pet dander; Particulate Matter - PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5 microns such as smoke, bacteria and allergens; Nitrogen Dioxide - NO2 (harmful gases that are released by combustion like cigarette smoke, candles and gas stoves; Volatile Organic Compounds - VOCs (gases released from wide range of sources like aerosol sprays, air fresheners, household fumes and odours). It will also detail the Filter Life on both the Active Carbon and HEPA Glass Filters so you will know how much life remains on each and when to replace them.

This bladeless purifier is safe to use around little children and easy to keep clean - you just wipe it down. Furthermore it has a built in reminder to let you know when the filters needs changing, which are also easy to remove and replace.

The Dyson HP04 Purifier can be programmed to switch off after pre-set intervals. These can range from 15 minutes up to 9 hours which is great when you are tying to sleep in the hot summer months. This Purifier even has a Night Mode where it adapts its noise settings to the quietest and dims the display whilst offering you the same great purification and not disturbing your sleep patterns.

Awarded the Quiet Mark Accreditation for improved sound and quality the HP04 can be active without disturbing your normal routines or sleep.

Complete with a remote control you can choose from 10 airflow speed settings, set the timer, set the oscillation and view the air quality report. The remote is curved and magnetised so it can be stored on the fan when you are not using it.

Download the Dyson Link App and you will be able to manage and monitor your air quality wherever you are. You can even remotely control your machine on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled devices, you even have the option of scheduling the fans use over 7 days and personalising your settings. Voice Control can be achieved if you connect to a compatible device.

With a 1.8 metre power cord you will have the flexibility to place it wherever you would like around your home.

Finished in a contemporary silver and white this purifier would be an elegant addition to any home.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 764 x 248 x 248

Power Consumption = 40W

Weight = 4.98kg

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