Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vacuum Cleaner SMALLBALLALLERGY

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Product description

Dyson’s Small Ball Allergy offers exceptional cleaning results across all floor types.

With three variable levels of suction and a Direct Drive motor in the brush head, you just simply adjust the push force as needed for different tasks, from hard floors to deep-pile carpets.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The Small Ball Allergy uses Radial Root Cyclone™ Technology, with an optimised airflow system to capture dust and allergens. The efficient, whole machine filtration ensures dust and debris are contained by the Small Ball Allergy. It is so effective in helping to reduce or remove allergens in the home the Allergy Standards Limited have certified this upright cleaner Asthma and Allergy Friendly.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Featuring Dyson’s iconic Ball Technology™, you can effortlessly move around furniture and other obstacles with a simple turn of the wrist. The quick release wand helps you clean up high and over furniture with ease. Whereas the 13.8 m stretch hose will help you reach high places for deep cleaning. The Small Ball Allergy weighs just 2.61 kg, so is light enough to pick up and carry from room to room.

Handy Attachments

Featuring a range of attachments means you can clean our home from top to bottom as there seems to be a tool for every job.


Combination Tool – A two-in-one attachment; the Combination Tool features a crevice nozzle for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and a brush for dusting.

Soft Dusting Brush – Featuring soft bristles for gentle dusting on delicate surfaces.

Mattress Tool – Picks up dust and dirt from mattresses and upholstery.

Stair Tool – Collect hair and dirt from the stairs using velour strips.

Additional Features

Thanks to expert Dyson technology, Ball vacuum cleaners are now 40% quieter than previous models – with no compromise on cleaning power or suction.

The 1.6 litre bin capacity means you can clean for longer and with the hygienic one-click release means you can empty the bin with just the press of a button. The filters are washable and can be re-used indefinitely too.

Dyson’s Small Ball Allergy is the perfect vacuum cleaner for keeping your whole home spotless.

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