Flexson Wall Mount (Single) For Sonos One:Black

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Product description

Flexson is a British specialist in accessories for Sonos. They have more than 75 solutions to help you get more from your Sonos products.

This Flexson Wall Mount for your Sonos One or Play 1 is designed to support your speaker in the ideal place at your home/office space. The base seamlessly fits the speaker and holds it securely in places. It gives you great flexibility and functionality to angle the sound just where you want it. This wall mount allows you to position the speaker upside down and with its unique tilting mechanism it means you are able to angle it down by 15° perfect if fitting to the ceiling. You also have the ability to swivel the speaker left or right up to 40° each way.

Being precision engineered it will perfectly match the size, style and colour of your speaker.

It allows for neat cable routing and is quick and easy to fit.