Montpellier 21Litre Slimline Combi Microwave MCM21WSC/SSC

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Product description

This Montpellier MCM21SSC Combination Microwave offers you everything you need to grill, cook and microwave.


 21 Litres  offers you have ample room.


There are 8 Auto Menus specifically for cake, pizza, potato, soup, chicken, pasta, vegetables and reheat for ease of use.

5 Power Settings (P10, P30, P50, P80, P100) exist so you can choose how gentle you want to cook the food. The setting refers to how powerful the microwave will be P30 = 30% of the cooking power.

Defrost Setting – lets you can decide whether or not you want to defrost by time, or weight. Ideal if you are in a hurry.

Quick Start will allow you to cook in 30 second increments as soon as you press the button. It will cook on full Power.

Combi Cooking - will cook with microwave heat and hot air heat depending on the setting you choose decides how long each type of cooking is used. 

Preheat Cooking – heats the cooking compartment to the desired temperature. A buzzer will sound letting you know when the desired temperature has been reached.

Grill Cooking ideal for when you to cook a steak or sausages.

Conventional Cooking – heat is moved around the around by a fan to give you even heat throughout the appliance. 

Controls and Display

Buttons and a Dial are present for simple and straight forward setting.

A Digital display will let you monitor how much cooking time you have left.


Oven lamp – lets you easily see how your food is progress.

Clock – so you can keep track of time.

Timer – to set your food cooking duration can be set for up to 95 Minutes

Child Lock – use this to ensure your programme settings are not altered.

Key Information

  • Capacity - 25 Litre

  • Turntable Diameter – 270mm

  • Power – 800W Microwave, 1000W Grill, 1200W Convection Oven

  • 8 Auto Menus

  • 5 Power Settings

  • 95 Minute Timer

  • Digital Display

  • Child Lock

  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm = 270 x 480 x 336

  • Warranty – 1 Year

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