Prestige 6 Litre High-Dome Pressure Cooker 57059

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Product description

The Prestige High Dome Iconic Pressure Cooker is great if you want food that retain their healthy nutrients and vitamins. It even cooks 70 % faster than traditional cooking methods.

The steam builds up inside the airtight pan, creating pressure that cooks the ingredients whilst retaining its nutritional value. 

You have a choice of how much pressure you want to build up depending on what you are cooking due to the 3 piece weight provided. The pressure can range from 5lb, 10lb to 15lb. 

Thanks to the high dome lid you can achieve a 6 litre capacity within this pressure cooker great for when you are feeling hungry or have a few mouths to feed. 

It is great for cooking freshly picked off the garden beetroot as my Grandad and Mum have proven over the years. The beetroot is really tasty and warm perfect with a dash of salad cream, pepper and salt. 

The stay cool handles ensure safety when using this appliance.

This items are built to last - some pressure cookers have been know to work for over 40 years!!

For piece of mind this Pressure Cooker comes with a standard 1 Year Warranty.