Salter Eco Electronic Bath Scales 9224 BKDR

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Product description

Self Generated Power Scales = No Batteries Needed – Ever!

All you do is press the button in the centre of the scale – within seconds you have generated the power needed to switch it on!! (Just like Magic !!)

Once it is switched on you can step on the platform for a weigh in.

Featuring an Easy to Read Large LCD Digital display which clearly shows imperial and metric measurements up to 

  • 180Kg

  • 28 Stone 8lb

  • 400lb 

with a graduation accuracy of

  • 0.1Kg and

  • 0.2lb

The surface is made with a toughened safety glass.

The Salter Eco Power Digital Bathroom Scales are an eco-friendly, neat and compact scale that will look great in any bathroom and can easily be stored away.

Key Information

  • Eco-Power = No Batteries

  • Platform Size =  300 x 300 mm

  • Display Size = 75 x 36 mm

  • Maximum Weight = 180Kg ; 28St 8lb; 400lg

  • Gradation Accuracy = 0.1Kg; 0.2lb

  • Warranty = 15 Year Warranty.