Samsung Fridge Freezer Water Dispenser RB31FDRNDSA

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Product description

This Samsung No Frost Fridge-Freezer with a total capacity of 279 Litres - the Fridge holding of 192 Litres whilst the Freezer holds of 87 Litres perfect for housing a range of food and drink items

The fridge has 3 Shelves, Easy Slide Shelf, a wire Bottle Rack and an Egg Tray as well 4 Door Storage Spaces ensuring you can take full advantage of the space when socking your fridge. The Easy Slide Shelf due to its smart rolling hinges enables you to pull the shelf out and find items at the back of it with ease. With a Can Carry located above the water dispenser you have a designated space for your most popular canned beverages

Located in the fridge door is the Water Dispenser. It is of a slim design with no protruding parts. Once the inside water tank that holds 4.5 litres of water is full you can just push the lever with your glass and pour yourself a nice chilled drink - perfect for those hot summery days.

The freezer has 3 Clear Drawers that benefit from the Full Open Box Design. Meaning you can pull the drawers all the way out so finding your frozen foods is simple and easy.

The fridge compartment features LED lightingso no matter the time of day you will be able to find your food or drink with ease.

The True No Frost Technology keeps a consistent temperature in both compartments which prevents ice from building up it will mean you never have to manually defrost the freezer.

With All Around Cooling the well placed vents circulate cool are through the fridge and freezer ensuring every shelf is cooled resulting in fresher food for longer.

With a 4 Star Freezer rating, and an F Energy Rating this Fridge-Freezer is an efficient appliance only using 280kWh per year whilst only giving out 43db of running noise.

Complete with an Open Door Alarm you will know when the door has been open too long.

If there should be a power cut your food will be safe in the appliance for 20 hours if the doors are closed.

The Reversible Doors give you the option to have the appliance just where you want within your existing kitchen layout.

This product comes with a 5 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 1850 x 595 x 668

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