Sebo X7 EPower Vacuum Cleaner 91548GB

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Product description

This Sebo Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for tackling any room; whether it be hard or soft floors you can be assured the dirt will be easily sucked away and stored in the 5.3 litre dust bag.

This hoover is perfect for Allergy suffers as all the particles of dust filter straight into the bag and not the air as this Sebo Vacuum Cleaner uses Sebo Ultra bags which deliver optimum performance and hygienic S-Class filtration. They are made to give fade-free performances through efficient micro-filtration. They are near tear-proof with the fleece bags filtering out dust from  the air without clogging. A sealed cap keeps all the dirt inside.

With an integrated hose and wand as well as a range of attachments you have the ability to clean high ceilings from those annoying hard to reach cobwebs as well as the sofa, curtains and chairs.

With a variable power dial - suction for different floor types is no problem! The Performance Boost button ensures extra power for embedded and ground-in dirt or pet hair.

The Computer Control System automatically adjusts the height of the brush when it comes into contact with a different surface to optimise performance. It will also shut down the machine if there is a blockage for your safety.

With a 5.3 Litre capacity dust bag you will not have to keep stopping and starting to empty the bin you can just hoover away.

With a 10 metre power cord this give you ample length to hoover round, under, a variety of areas with out the need for constant unplugging. Complete with a search light the dust will have nowhere to hide.

This product comes with a 5 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 780 x 310 x 240

Replacement Bag Model – 5093ER

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