Sonos Connect CNTZPUK1

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Product description

This Sonos Connect is the simplest and easiest way to update your stereo or receiver for streaming. It will let you play music all over the house on audio equipment you already own. You just connect it to any amplified audio device in any room and it instantly becomes part of your Wireless Sonos Multi-Room System.

The Connect is versatile - you can chose to listen to music through your existing audio equipment (CD player, iPod) you have connected to it or stream it through your Sonos.

The Digital and Analogue outputs you attach will deliver superior sound as the Connect will stream at full CD-quality bandwidth. You can adjust the bass, treble, balance and loudness to the way you would like it. You can even set it up to control the volume via the Sonos app or your audio equipment.

It is easy to set up - you just attach The Connect to your amplified audio equipment via the analogue or digital outputs, Plug it into the mains, connect to your Wi-Fi then use the Sonos App for uninterrupted wireless music streaming.

The Connect gives you the ability to play music from your computer and the internet all over the house. Add your existing music streaming service - like your iTune library / online music service or discover something new - being curated, on demand, free or subscription based Sonos gives you access to over 30 music services - Apple Music, Google play , Tidal, Soundcloud, Spotify etc.

If connected to an Amazon Dot or Echo you can even use your voice to control and play songs and what you like to listen too.

With Multi Room you can manage your music on one device and build up your system by adding compatible speakers and components from Sonos. You can easily connect to any Sonos Speaker in any room over Wi-Fi to create a home sound system that brings everyone together no matter the room they are in - listening to all the same music. Or you can control each speaker independently and play different music in each room - great if you all have different tastes in music.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 75 x 135 x 140

Weight = 0.69Kg

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