Sonos Move Speaker Black MOVE1UK1BLK

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Product description

The Sonos Move speaker supplies superb Sonos sound wherever you are. It has 2 Class-D amplifiers that are perfectly tuned to match the speakers drivers and acoustic architecture; one Mid-woofer that ensures faithful play back of mid-range vocals plus rich deep bass and one downward-firing tweeter that creates clear, crisp high frequency response that disperse evenly for an ultra wide soundscape. 

Complete with Automatic Trueplay Tuning (via Sonos App) sound will be balanced no matter where you are or what you are listening too.

You can just grab it and go with the Ergonomic Handle at the back of the speaker ensuring an easy pick up.

Being weather resistant it is made for the outdoors. With an IP56 rating this Move speaker will withstand light rain, humidity, snow, dust, salt spray, extreme heat, UV rays and extreme cold.

Finished with an ultra-durable, shock–resistant case the components inside the Move will be protected if it gets accidently knocked or bump

The Sonos Move has built–in voice control via Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa so when you are connected to WiFi you can easily play music, set alarms, check the news, get your questions answered, ask for a joke  all completely hands free.

Complete with Bluetooth so you can still stream music from your phone, tablet etc when you are away from your WiFi connection.

You have the choice of controls - voice, app and touch commands - so you can either talk, tap the app or use  the controls. The Capacitive Touch Controls are on the top of the speaker for you to  just lightly touch to alter sounds, pause, skip or group rooms.

With the Sonos App you are able to control all your music it will search through all your music services to find the songs you love. You can then set them to play in different rooms, adjust volume and other settings for each room.With Airplay2 you are able to stream directly from your apple devices or ask Siri to play your favourite Apple Music.

An LED Indicator light will enable you to clearly see when the inbuilt microphone is active or turned off for complete privacy.

The compact versatile design means the speaker is great for rooms where you are short on space.  The indoor charging base is slim and seamlessly styled to house the speaker.  The battery will last for 10 hours of continuous play.

Sonos Move wirelessly connects to other Sonos speakers allowing you to play music in any room - all at once or when you want.

With the ability to automatically update the software you do not have to worry about managing downloads and installing updates as the Sonos Move has this covered.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth = 240 x 160 x 126

Weight = 3Kg

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