Sony Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRSLSR200CE7

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Product description

Personalise your level of Audio and operate your TV with this wireless Sony SRSLSR200CE7 Speaker.

Three Speakers

This unit has 3 speakers designed into the front of the speaker ensuring voices from your TV are clearer so you can enjoy your programme.

Voice Zoom

Makes the dialogue crisp and clear, as Sony’s unique technology analyses voice elements from the TV’s sound and boosts them for easy listening.


This speaker can be positioned where you sit so you have personalised sound control. You do not have to move closer to the TV so you can still sit in “your spot.”

When the speaker is next to you high sound volume is not required, so you will not disturb others yet still be able to hear your programme.

TV Control

You have the necessary controls on this speaker to enable you to operate your TV such as changing channel and adjusting the volume.

This feature is compatible with most major TV brands that have a headphone jack or optical output.

Plug & Play

This Plug and Play Speaker with its easy colour coded connector ensures connecting the Speaker to your TV is easy. You just follow the code and you will be able to use it within seconds of taking it out of the box.


Battery Life

The Lithium Ion Battery will give you 13 hours of Wireless Playback from a 3 Hour Charge.

To recharge you simply connect it to the supplied charging dock.


The Unit of this portable speaker is rated IPX2 Standard which means it is drip proof. It will be protect against a small amount of rain, snow or splash.

Styled in a simplistic white with a complimentary tan handle, it would suit any décor.

Such a simple modern, design with easy to operate features ensuring a personalised sound experience makes this ideal for any age or generation.

Key Information

Charge Time = 3 Hours Wireless Playback = 13 Hours 
Battery - Lithium Ion Weight - 0.73Kg
Colour - White Warranty - 1 Year
Stereo & Optical Inputs, Stereo Headphone Jack Output
IPX2 Standard - protected against a certain amount of rain, snow, or splash, but is not completely water resistant.
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm = 102 x 194 x 105


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